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. good morning, thank you for joining us this morning it is thursday i am pam cook. >> let's check weather, i
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didn't know if the weather is quiet. >> we have some patchy low clouds around and there is no doubt about it, low clouds for some, especially on higher elevations, there is a northwest wind and if you get that breeze it feels even colder, partly sunny skies, mostly sunny, here is sal. we are looking at 280 northbound and traffic here is moving along nicely with no major problems and by the way if you are looking at westbound 24, that commute looks good driving from walnut creek to oakland, it is 5:00 let's go back to the desk. fish lovers may be victims of fraud. tara moriarty is in san francisco with the investigation showing many consumers are not getting the fish they paid for, tara? >> reporter: well at least one out of every three times you take a bite out of red snapper it may not be snapper at all but rather rockfish.
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that was done by a non-profit group. they did testing on nearly 1200 fish from several hundred stores and sushi bars between 2012. a third of seafood sold nationwide and 30% bought in northern california was not what it reported to be. san francisco and monterey were included. watchdog did not reveal the locations where they were sold but they said restaurant were the biggest offenders, selling miss identified food 60% of the time as opposed to grocery store selling it less than half that much. some say it's down right disgusting. live in san francisco i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are following overnight news from berkeley and a reported barricade situation
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appears to have been a false alarm. s.w.a.t. teams rushed to a home in jefferson 7:00 last night and police immediately shut down streets because of a -- reports of a man hold up inside a house. police left the scene at midnight concluded nobody was inside the house. still not clear what caused the confusion. a 5,000 dollars reward is helping to catch a rapist. they are providing nighttime security escorts and this is all because of a sexual assault of a woman walking on campus and also a shooting at a bus stop during a robbery. these are the sketches of the two suspects. on the right theres the sexual assault suspect and on the left the bus stop suspect, police do
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not believe the two cases are connected. police took the story into court today and they are making their final argument as to why the judge should grand oscar pistorius bail. he said prosecutors misrepresented their case and neighbors who claimed to have heard screaming between oscar pistorius and his girlfriend live a quarter of a mile away. >> he is not a violent man, he is a peace maker and has always been a peace maker. >> prosecutors have their final say once prosecutors conclude the case. they will look at the dismissal of lead investigators hilton who is now facing murder charging of his own in which he and two fellow officers are accused of shooting at a mini-
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bus driver and nike has suspended its sponsor -- sponsorship with oscar pistorius. they have a plan to move out of oakland and commissioner's office has provided the as with ten -- a's with tentative moves for san jose. this is a major new development, claudine wong involving major league baseball. >>reporter: that's right, dave, we are standing in front of the coliseum and that's not going to change or likely for the next four seasons but this is significant because anything that provides a pathway for this team is significant and these are tentative guidelines are being reported and in this case it does provide framework that a move would be viable and successful. we don't know anything but this all comes from the los angeles times report but if it can meet them it takes a critical step.
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in order for the as to do that, they would have to approve the vote and to rescind the giant's territorial right to that area. even if it could happen, we do expect the giants to continue to fight this. it is faux focused on the viability of the site and financial projections and they will ask for those projections but the a's will have to show they can make money once it is done. one preparation on the table they are prepared to show about the move to the south bay. this is still a very long process this morning and the only statement from major league baseball about in just says the committee it continues to work hard on this very complex situation and complicated situation so we will have to wait but what we
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do know is that wolf has also proposed that the say are a's stay here actually proposing a statement and the as will continue to play here even if they make progress on this, claudine wong, live in the south bay, ktvu channel 2 morning news. unless congress does something to stop what is known as the sequester, every federal program will have to be cut by 10%. coming up what that means for you in terms of filing taxes, getting through security at the airport and even getting evacuate nations. later today, vice-president joseph biden will take part in a gun violence proposal just a few blocks from that school shooting. he will be speaking with
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passion of a little -- parents of a little girl shot in the newtown connecticut shooting. they will be holding the meeting where adam lanza took classes back in 2009 but that's not why they chose this site as the conference point. they are moving to two ammunition control proposals. they announced the legislation back in december. one deal requires them to show i.d. if they buy large amounts of am knicks and another one says police officers have to have hollow point bullets. we are doing well this thursday morning as we look at some much these freeways and traffic is looking good on westbound 80 and there are no
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major problems as some of the roadwork has been picked up and it is doing well. no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is moving well coming up to the pay gates and if you are driving in san jose, that is driving well for you. if you are being looking to improve your gas mileage and if you are driving without any idling let's go to steve. we have a fast moving system in reno, tahoe, chuck e.but we have a little bit of fresh snow following that pour house low -- power house low we saw on tuesday. we have 20 to 0 miles per hour out of the -- 40 miles per hour out of the northwest and some on the coast are getting a good breeze. although mustily sunny 30s and 40s, the breeze and some of the
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patchy low clouds are holding up these lows. nasa and santa rosa we had a few more 20s and we have 20s and 30s in fairfield. 16, up to 30 mile-per-hour gusts and we have some locations as calm and mostly sunny and gradual warming and patchy low clouds, a good breeze as well, very low 60s and running slightly below normal on these temperatures, maybe by sunday, then everything points towards sunny and warmer weather. then we wantp it right backup, steve, why cyber spying may be happening more than we thought. and the fight against blight, how one bay area city is fighting back.
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good morning, highway 4 westbound, it looks good coming up to the willow pass grade and we will tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather stay tuned.
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. welcome back, an overnight car bombing at syria happened at security checkpoint and a mortgager at a command center.
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bashar assad said he is not responsible for the conflict and when asked about its future, he said the decision should be made by the syrian people. it's not just law firms and think tanks, they are being targeted for most institutions and that's according to the washington post. security experts say cyber spies are trying to get information on how government officials make decisions. hackers are linked to a security site near shanghai and have been targeting places worldwide and china denies the allegations. they could have a key issue as cia director, democratic senators are providing full access to full classified opinions on when to use drone
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strikes but they are dealing with republican senators behind closed doors to provide more information on the attacks on the american consulate in benghazi. the sequester is just eight days a week and kyla campbell reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, these cuts will hurt more than our federal employees. >> reporter: everyone has to cut 10% and you don't have to be one of the two federal civilian employees nationwide to be hurt by sequester tracing. -- by the sequester. if it goes into effect, that means there will be fewer internal revenue service operators and many things will be reduced. if you fly for work or vacation the number of tsa workers will
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be slashed and expect an additional hour to be tacked on to your weight times they will have to cut back on immunizations for 50,000 people and if they can agree on a long term spending plan they will have a reduction but right now republicans refuse to sign on. education for thousands of students across the country will also suffer with these cuts and it will affect everybody from pre-k through college, when i see you next i will have more kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 morning news. two sheriff's deputies were shot overnight during a standoff and they are expected to fully recover. a gunman was angry his mother took out a restraining order against him and he took out a gun and that standoff took
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place for hours. the gunman shot and killed himself. the gunman shot tear gas into the home. the home was rented by lindsay where several robbery suspects were inside. the s.w.a.t. team fired tear gas into the house and that caused the fire and the dogs were killed. she filed a lawsuit against the city and the police seeking unspecified damages. city leaders are stepping up their fight against blight. they require owners to register with the city and they should detail how they plan to maintain those buildings. failure to comply could result in $250 a day. they want to rundown buildings which have plagued the area for years. thousands of public school
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teenagers are assigned to classes they are not credentialed to teach. coming under which teachers are the most under called filed in the classroom -- unqualified in the classroom. the golden gate bridge transport takes district, they are considering a surcharge for tickets which go directly to at&t park. the one way ferry costs $9 a ticket and a public hearing is set for march the 7th. >> yikes. 517 is the time let's check back -- 5:17 is the time let's check back in with sal. >> the ferry is a nice way to go. >> i know. >> thank you. two chickens in every pot. let's look at the commute traffic is moving along well in san francisco. i also know even though i am a
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traffic reporter i want more slowed traffic because it does not work. 101 a is approaching the 880 split as you get up to san francisco from oakland still looking good i am afraid it's not going to stay this way, metering lights are not on and they usually go on about 6:15 traffic is moverring along well, here is steve. moving a long well in the sierra, our system from tuesday has cranked up into the rockies and that's a big snow producer. fast moving systems are giving us more clouds and they are 30 miles per hour for some, tuesday is long gone but left behind some patchy low clouds and the track staying to the north is clipping areas to the east of us and it's a very dry
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system. earlier next week we could see some warmer temperatures and snow showers, not much we may get a half inch or an inch much snow. temperatures are running warmer due to the breeze and also because there is patchy low clouds around, temperatures are up and a half moon bay has gusts up to 30 miles per hour. 43 and windy in napa and there is no doubt about it one system will clear out and we will have mostly fair skies, high clouds, breezy and higher elevations along the coast. upper 60s, temperatures are continuing to run slightly below average and there is not much change friday, a cooler system on friday and after that everything is sunny and warmer weather. 5:19 european markets are
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all down. community change high dropped -- china shanghai dropped 3% and minutes were read and indicate that the feds could tighten up increasing liquidity. they are following a downed day and 100 points dow jones industrial average starts today less than 14,000 points good news from wal-mart and guidance is looking weak. keep an eye on other stocks as well, after yesterday's closing bell, the electric car maker reported a $75 million loss and their stock fell 6 percent. they say they are confident a small profit will be earned as they won car of the year.
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a new crime fighting tool in san jose state university, it is a new tool san jose police officers will be dearing with them. aand new footage of a bald eager being rescued, what happened to him and we will let you know how he is doing right now. that headband looks ridiculous.
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get off my lawn, clown! you sir, have excellent water pressure! he. look at this, an injured
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bald eagle, it has a broken leg after being hit by a car in oregon. it has since been treated by a veterinarian, the vet said it has been partially hurt. they brought 400 olive trees and the olive fruit fly was first found in 1998 and has been a thorn in farmer's side ever since. others taking part is taking part in berkeley and uc riverside. they have assigned thousands of teachers to classes that they are not licensed to teach. more than 32,000 teachers were not credentialed to the classes they taught in 2007 to 2011.
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it shows they are not qualified for them or interested in teaching and the problem is greater at lower income areas. we are getting a look at governor jerry brown funding for schools. it gives more money to schools where there are larger numbers of low income students and in explaining the plan, governor jerry brown said it is controversial and fair. if you want to see the entire list go to our website and scroll down to hot topics. at the state university they will soon be wearing cameras on their tune forms. they already wear these cameras while they are patrolling and they tell them they recommend they keep those cameras turned on whenever they made contact with anybody. the video will give officers a video of just what their
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actions were and they will be helping in the event claims are filed. they are so far buying 23 cameras. sal is watching traffic, here is more. we are off to a decent start and if you like what you see watching our show and getting out on the road this a look at northbound 280 no major problem and also 680 at one point this very commute was the worst commute in the bay area and now it is, it can be but it does not have the same power, the same punch as it once did because they widened the freeway since then, the traffic does look good through fremont, at 5:27 let's go to steve. >> we have a breezy pattern and they have a north wind at 7
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miles per hour and also at this time it was 29 and it is very windy on parts of the coast, 30s and 40s, i mean 32 in fairfield, some locations are in the mid-40s and if you get that breeze, a little system for a few light snow showers for the sierras this morning. it is patchy clouds -- we have patchy clouds and breezy weather. will president barack obama speak out on proposition 8 same- sex marriage, what president barack obama will do soon as supreme court gets ready to hear proposition 8. and her death shocked the community, what is happening now with the man accused of shooting and killing a city girl. a tent city is set up and we will tell you what the city plans on doing about it when the morning news continues.
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. welcome back, this is thursday february 21st, i am dave clark. and i am pam cook, i was surprised it was not that bad. >> yes, we have low clouds, very breezy along the coast, gusty to mind and a system is clipping the sierra nevada for
5:33 am
some light snow showers, here is sal. good morning, traffic is moving well on the golden gate bridge, and there are no major problems and we have clear visibility on the span. 5:30 let's go back to dave and pam. there are new concerns about homeless camp happens in san jose. live to show us where dozens of people are living right now in a tent city, here is more. >> reporter: we found more tents that the homeless have set up and if you look where the photographer panned over, you can see more where they set up by the tree, there is reportedly about 70 tents out here and the head of the housing department told city council there is unpress
5:34 am
accidented growth growth -- growth and the city officials worry about the amount of garbage it is collecting and it is also near the san jose heritages and there have been cleanup encampments in the past near the guadeloupe river but it is expensive, about 20,000 a day and some say it is ineffective because homeless set up at a different location. coming up, we plan on talking to some of the homeless people who are sleeping right now and we don't want to disturb them because sometimes it can turn into a hostile situation and we plan on reaching to city officials to ask them why clean up will be any different edifferent than in the past where they just moved back. a man accused of killing a
5:35 am
girl will be scheduled to be arraigned in just a few hours. he is charged with the kidnap and rape of genelle conway allen. if he is convicted they will pursue the death penalties. a service will start for genelle conway allen which is being held at the venetia cemetery. they want your help in the search for two men who may be linked to the killings of three people in forestville. they want you to look at grainy photos of the two men, a chevron gas station took these photos before the attack. they also have the pickup truck the men may have been driving. they want to question them about a shooting earlier in
5:36 am
forestville earlier this month and a man from colorado is already in custody. they have linked the killings to a botched marijuana deal. seafood lovers may be in for an unwelcomed surprise. they are at fisherman's war of showing -- fisherman's wharf showing many are not getting what they are paying for. >> reporter: that is right, the study shows we are not getting what we paid for and they say eight out of nine labeled as white tuna was actually a different fish and it has a bad affect on the digestive track. they looked at more than 1200 fish throughout the united states between 2010 and 2012 and researchers found a third
5:37 am
of the seafood found nationwide of the fish bought in northern california was not what it was reported to be. they found miss labeling in all 21 states, san francisco, monterey and other areas included. they did say restaurants were the biggest offenders selling miss identified fish nearly 60% of the time as opposed to grocery stores miss labeling less than half that much. which state had the highest miss labeling? find out in the next hour, i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. officers busted a stolen car chop shop and we spoke with a woman whose car was recovered in pieces. they were conducting a routine inspection when they found three stolen honda civic's and parts of a toyota suv.
5:38 am
this was found stolen in front of a woman's home early christmas morning and chp notified her, her car had been found. >> at a chop shop in pittsburgh and they told me it was a ring and they busted a couple of places, i was in disbelief, i was in shock. >> police ash referred -- police arrested the owner and people who unknowingly purchase a stolen car pot will be out of the money they paid for it. yesterday in santa cruz they have a string of crimes playing that area. they arrested a 21-year-old yesterday but they are still looking for his accomplice. they broke in on popular avenue yesterday morning. the couple inside woke up to find two masked men in their
5:39 am
bedroom one holding a secondtive sword he took from the home. >> he took the sword, had me get on my niece, face -- knees face the bed and put my hand on my head. >> the suspect got away and reportedly stole a laptop computer and game console. we are now hearing president barack obama is expecting them to overturn proposition 8 california ban on same-sex marriage. they have one week to file a friend of the court brief with the supreme court. experts say while the supreme court operates independently, the president does carry weight with the justices. >> having him put his opinion there, it does hold weight and many like most human beings
5:40 am
listens to public opinion. >> the supreme court will begin on march 28th. sal, is the east shore awake? >> well, it is getting more awake, if you will, it is filling in, dave and pam. eastbound 80, there is some flashing lights on the side, i don't know what that is, they are helping out a stalled motorist, but it looks good heading out to the mcarthur maze and whatever that is, it is not causing any traffic, westbound does look good getting out to the toll plaza. if you are driving on interstate 880 passing the coliseum and heading to the south bay is clear and yesterday we had a bad day on 101 as you might remember if you drive that, on 237, they are still off to a pretty decent start and of course that will start to change but you
5:41 am
still have a pretty goodwin dough there, let's go to steve. right now systems continue to rotate down out of the northwest and there is a ripple on the jetstream as it comes right over the sierra producing a few slight snow showers it will be a fast mover behind that big system which left a lot of snow in the desert and arizona. low clouds, some breeze, keeping temperatures up this morning i should say. storm track except for a system, it is moving by quickly and hitting us and we get mostly dry forecast and next week, we have a 7 and 10 day outlook which is very describe. blue canyon has some light snow and maybe for an hour or two you can get up to a half inch of snow. 40s on the temperatures and yesterday we had a lot of upper 20s and that breeze has picked up at santa rosa and their temperatures are up, napa has a north wind at 7. gusting in
5:42 am
half-moon bay, some areas have a little breeze especially along the coast. we just kind of zip on by, mostly sunny, breezy to windy and again, not too bad at the surface, upper 50s and lower 60s, forecasted highs are staying a little below average this time of year. it will be cooler with another system that will move north and east of us. and everything says sunnyside up and warmer. a powerful winter storm is just slamming the nation's heartland and they are expecting to get a food of snow -- foot of snow today. the central u.s. will be hit by winter storm q, they have winter storm warnings from kansas anarch saw and missouri yesterday shows no signs of it stopping either. it shows at least the reason
5:43 am
for one death. they have a new set of ice scrapers and flip-flops and snow shoes, is that arizona? winter storm caught the folks off guard as you can imagine dumping rain snow and hail, it closed down sporting events, school was postponed, they had snowball fights in arizona. amazing. >> i know. >> 5:41 is the time right now new information about that deadly explosion at kansas city restaurant, the surveillance video released and the reason firefighters were called to the restaurant before the blast. plus a weekend brawl, bombing a -- prompting a discussion how to make one place safer and we will tell you how this is part of a bigger problem. good morning, traffic on the sunole grade looks good and we will tell you more about the
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bay area weather and more on traffic coming up. [ male announcer ] are you a business traveler who can withstand the perils of air travel? can you survive change fees? blackout dates? boarding in mobs? do you actually, in a weird way, kind of enjoy rude service?
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. good morning breezy on the coast mostly sunny low 50s and 60s. here is a look at some of the top stories we are following, the city of san jose may take action soon to clear out agreeing homeless camp. dozens are living in a tent city near guadeloupe park and reportedly it will be cleaned out as early as march. they have given the oakland a's tentative guidelines for a possible move to san jose. this is seen as another step to allow baseball owners to
5:47 am
approve that move. and another story is fish is often miss labeled at restaurants and grocery stores. one-third of the seafood across the nation is miss eye didn't paid to while nearly 30% in california is either lower cost fish while claiming they are the more expensive varieties. the victim we understand is a 19-year-old japanese exchange student and she had just left the bart station and was walking on the centennial trail when she was assaulted before 6:00 last night. she was able to break free and run for help. the attacker is described as a latino or asian man between 30
5:48 am
years old and was wearing a white hooded sweatshirt and dark colored pants at the time. we are getting a new look, a surveillance camera captured the fiery explosion at the restaurant on a tuesday. a cable company worker hit a gas line causing a leak an hour before the gas. customers were evacuated before the explosion but some workers stayed behind. >> i think the building exploded, it did not just catch fire, it blew up and that's why she couldn't get out. >> a 35-year-old woman died in the blast, 6 of them seriously. the health department is analyzing the water at the los angeles hotel where a canadian was found. a woman was discovered inside a water tank on top of the cecil hotel, that tank is one of four
5:49 am
which provides tap water for the hotel. the water was initially deemed safe but now there is a no drinking water in place. the neighborhood recorded some video of a shocking scene he saw earlier sunday morning. >> huge brawl, big brawl... call the cops. >> what you are looking at is footage of several fights which broke out on broadway in san francisco. it took police more than an hour and ended up with four arrests. drunken fights and vandalism is happening a lot more often, possible result of understaffing and they are aware of the problem and they are trying to make this area safer. they don't expect to see anymore new bars in walnut creek. police chief says it is
5:50 am
affective immediately and they will not granny new permission because the city has a shortage of police officers. walnut creek is seen as over saturated with licenses by the department of beverage control and the police department has to be considered and they will be reconvened sometime in 2014. the human society is offering a thousand dollars reward for information about a raccoon that was shot over the weekend. it was found in south san francisco and an x-ray shows led pallets in its brain and hips. they had to euthanize the raccoon because of the injuries and as of december 12th, wild animals have been shot in that area including another raccoon
5:51 am
and the falcon. sal, how is it looking? >> westbound 4 is doing well as you drive through to the willow pass grade, a little bit of slow traffic in antioch and there are no problems on interstate 880 and 4. we are getting just a little bit of a delay, we have a little bit of quietness just like we like it and in san jose the dumbarton and san mateo is looking good, let's go to steve. mostly sunny and we have some fast moving pieces of energy zipping down that could give us partly cloudy skies. a little cooler sunday and warmer monday, one of our forecast models is very strong and the high ridge of pressure shows it will not be that strong. we have a really fast moving
5:52 am
system coming on the heels of a big moving system coming into the texas panhandle. it doesn't look like much but if that came over us we would be mostly sunny to partly cloudy in a couple of minutes but we will keep an eye on things. there has been reports of light snow around blue canyon, and in the pines maybe an inch to a half in. we have some patchy low clouds and mainly the breeze is up compared to yesterday. we have a lot more in the way of upper 20s and 30s. one system is moving out and we are caught if between. still mostly sunny, breezy to windy with higher elevations high temperatures are slowly recovering, but upper 50s and 60s and i don't see much change where everything says cooler weather any rain should stay east and north of us but next
5:53 am
weekend is quiet, sunny and warmer. the world's largest retailer is expecting better than expected profits and their increase in sales was not as strong as an lists expected. it is mostly low income shoppers who continue to be squeezed by economic challenges. boeing has a plan to fix problems with its dreamliner and they will meet with the faa tomorrow. if they approve the idea, dream liners could be back in the air and they have been grounded more than a month and investigators have not found the exact cause of the battery problems. and the ultimate bruce springstein -- bruce springstein collectible, it is where he wrote born to run and he lived there in 1974 and 1975, the asking price,
5:54 am
$375,000 and the owners say they are not going to sell it to somebody who wants to tear down the two bedroom one bath house. there is nothing innocent about it, a drug called molly popular with teens is dangerous and can even be deadly. plus one bay area is turning down chances to host the olympic games in the future.
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. good morning breezy in the sierra nevada upper 50s and lower 60s. we have a follow-up to a story we told you about yesterday, the bay area looks to be out of the running for the u.s. olympics. they contacted 25 cities including san francisco and san jose about hosting those games but san jose mayor chuck reid can't afford the money or even the 10 million to put in a bid. mayor ed lee is focused on the america's cup yacht race and as well as super bowl. the warriors have set the past few months fine tuning all
5:58 am
the blue prints for the 17,000 seat arena near pier 30. they are still on track to have the arena open in the fall of 2017. a new form of the drug ecstasy is called molly and some are hoping to attract new users. >> how many people in this crowd have seen molly? >> molly is a nickname for giving users a feeling of euphoria and at project eaten in hayward say they have experimented with molly in the last three months. >> they see it as a step up, it is the designer level and it's supposed to be the pure form and a go to top shelf thing they will want to take a crack at. >> the fact that molly is cheap
5:59 am
costing between 5 and $25 a pill, side effects can include confusion, depression, sleep problems and anxiety. if you have a special report, you can e-mail us send us your special at sal is back, so far so good in our commute, sal. yes, it has been quiet which is nice and it has not been this quiet all week in fact this is the best day so far. getting up to the 880 interchange that looks good and no major problems and we keep watching 580 and 680 and things may change during the 6:00 and we will have another report, let's go back to the desk. in south africa, the murder case with oscar pistorius,

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